1 month of Chapter 22

It is October and that means that Chapter 22 is already a month old. Unbelievable how quick time goes by. So, I wanted to give you a little update on how the first month of blogging here has been. I’m still super happy with my decision to quit Bella Mondo and to start something new. It was just time and I’m experiencing now how much more fun blogging is over here. To be honest I haven’t posted as much content this month as I wanted to or as I planned to. But then again, I think that it alright. I don’t want to post just for the sole purpose of posting. I want to post things that I am happy with, can be proud of an that I’m genuinely excited about. And I think I have succeeded in that at least.

Scheduling, no thank you!

I made a whole schedule for the month of September and – surprisingly, NOT – I haven’t stick to it. Well a couple, but I guess scheduling everything in advance doesn’t really work for me. So I’ve kind of let that go now. I think it is better to just blog when I feel like it, and when I get inspired. For example, I wrote a little post about Harry Styles merchandise, that was a blur of the moment thing. The same goes to last weeks post with all the autumnal pictures. Again not planned, and I think posts are the ones that I enjoy writing most, but also the ones that I look back on and think yeah that was a gooden. So no more planning for me! Or maybe just a little. I do have a whole list of ideas and possible blog posts. So whenever I feel a little bit low on inspiration, I do have something to go back to.

Starting from scratch and growing a following

One thing that has been quite hard though is the fact that with this blog I started from scratch. It is hard to do that, I’m not gonna lie. There are so many bloggers out there and it’s just hard to compete. I do feel like that last couple of posts have gotten more views, reads and comments. But still. It doesn’t hold me back though because I love blogging and whether there are people reading it or not, it’s still the thing that I really like to do. But I guess it would be nice if a bigger audience would come with that. I should just continue on and have a lot of patience I think. And I’m ok with that. I have to say though, it does give me a boost whenever I get a lovely comment or I see that people from different places of the world are reading my posts. I also notice on Instagram. On my old account I had more than 1K followers, now I have around 160. It’s very difficult to get your pictures notices and to get your follower count up. I try, but the algorithm amongst other things makes it really hard. It’s ok though, I’m just gonna continue on and who knows. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. Besides, I just really enjoy Instagram and taking pictures for it. If you don’t follow me on Insta, I’d love it if you did -> Click here for my account.

Happy with the look and feel

Lay-out wise, I’m still very happy. In one of the first posts, I talked about being a perfectionist and never really being happy with the way my blog looks. The amount of times I changed the lay-out of Bella Mondo… I don’t even know. But I’m happy to say that I’m still pleased with the way this site looks. The only thing I’ve changed so far is the colour of links. Which is not that big of a deal so I’m a little bit proud of myself.

So that’s it! The first month of Chapter 22 has flown by. I’ve got my love for blogging back and I’m excited to create more content over here. Especially now that it’s autumn and we’re also heading towards Christmas… You can definitely expect some autumnal, halloweenish, festive content over here in the coming months! Thanks to everyone who has visited this blog, thanks for reading and supporting <3



  1. 2nd October 2017 / 2:51 pm

    I love your spirit, it’s so positive! I try not to schedule posts too much in advance as I don’t want to be sucked into the hole of posting just because I want to stick to my schedule. Wish you all the best with your new blog, will follow you on Insta! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Lisanne
      2nd October 2017 / 10:48 pm

      Thank so much, and yeah I get what you say. I’ll give you a follow on Insta as well <3

  2. 2nd October 2017 / 3:49 pm

    I’m glad you’re so happy with your blog! It is yours, and however things develop, the most important thing is that you like to blog here.
    Jantine recently posted…Inspiratie om verhalen te schrijvenMy Profile

    • Lisanne
      2nd October 2017 / 10:48 pm

      Exactly! <3

  3. 2nd October 2017 / 11:15 pm

    I relate to this so much! I’m such a perfectionist so I’m always changing up some things on my blog or moving things around. I definitely agree with you! Rome wasn’t built in a day and even though it’s a bit frustrating to build a following, what matters is if you like what you’re writing about.

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