Goosebumps at John Mayer’s concert

Last week I went to see John Mayer perform live at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. My first John Mayer concert and it was amazing! I am not a long time John Mayer fan, it was only recently that I got really into his music. Since then I’ve played his albums on repeat and bought some on CD and Vinyl. So when I saw he was coming to the Netherlands I knew I had to get tickets.

The concert was divided into 4 chapters. First, he played a couple of songs with the full band, then he did an acoustic set, a couple of songs with the John Mayer trio, followed by the full band again. He finished off with an epilogue. Just him and a piano on stage playing the beautiful ballad You’re gonna live forever in me. It was epic! They changed the setting on the stage with each new chapter, which gave the performance a nice twist.

I was a bit sad that he didn’t play Daughters and Still feel like your man, two songs that I really love. But I really can’t complain. He played for more than 2 hours and did a diverse set of songs. Golden oldies like Gravity and Your Body is a Wonderland, but also almost all the songs from his new album. I really liked Moving on and getting over, Rosie, Helpless and In the Blood.

The title of this post says I had goosebumps, well that was during the song Born and Raised. One by one the audience grabbed their phones, put the flashlight on and waved it around. It was magical! All those lights. They even turned off all the stage lights for full effect. John Mayer thanked us and said he was touched because it was a song that meant a lot to him. What a beautiful moment, and I was so glad to be there.

I have to talk about the guitar solos. I mean, what a boss! It is really unbelievable what that man (and his band) can do with a guitar. I wish I could play like that. And the way he get’s lost in the music and the moment is just beautiful. His vocals were also on point, every note was spot on. I just love his voice, it’s so unique and soothing. I could listen to him sing for hours and hours.

What a night is all I can say. What a genius! I really enjoyed myself and I will never ever forget this night. If he ever comes back to the Netherlands I will definitely go again. For now, I’m going to play his songs over and over again and hopefully broaden and complete my collection of his albums.


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