My April Playlist

April, another good month when it comes to new music. To be honest, this whole year so far has been good. And I have a feeling that it’s going to get even better. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet and have a look at my April playlist.

I think my favourite song of the month is Ariana Grande’s new song No Tears Left To Cry. It’s such a good song! When I found out she was releasing a new single, it got me so excited. This is the first single she has released since the Manchester attack last year, and I absolutely love that this new song is a tribute to the victims of that attack. It’s so powerful. The title says it all. It’s a really hopeful and uplifting song and I really hope that victims will take solace from this song. But beyond the meaning of it, it’s just a banger really! I can’t wait for new Ariana Grande music.

Zayn has also brought out a new song. It’s called Let Me and I kinda love it. It’s really cliché and lovey-dovey, but it sounds so so good. It also came with a video that I absolutely love, it’s like a movie scene. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it!

Then we have a song that might be thé Summer hit of 2018. I’m talking about One Kiss by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris. For me, this song just screams Summer. I love the beat, I love Dua Lipa’s voice… it’s just great!

Also on my playlist is another new song by 5sos. Last month they released I Want You Back, which was one my March playlist, and now they’ve released Youngblood. Which is a very different song than the first single, but I love it! The drums in this just make it really good and powerful. Youngblood is also going to be the title of the album, which is going to come out in June. I’m excited!

There’s another ex 1D member that released a song in April and that’s Liam Payne. He released Familiar, a collaboration with J Balvin – who I had never heard of before. I love the song. Again this might be a Summer hit this year, songs with Spanish in it always do well in Summer.

To my big surprise, Jason Mraz also came out with a new song. His last album is from 2014, so it’s been quite a while. But I’m glad he’s back. And his new song Have It All is a very typical Jason Mraz song if you ask me. Very happy and upbeat.

Then there’s an album that I’ve been loving and that’s Cool Like You by Blossoms. Earlier in the month, they released the single There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls), which I loved! And now the whole album is out and it’s a good one. One of my favourite songs on it is Lying Again.

And last but not least some music that’s not new but that I have been listening to a lot last month; Niall Horan’s album Flicker. I went to his concert last week, hence why I’ve been playing the album a lot. And I also finally got in on vinyl. There are also two 1D songs that I’ve been loving, Fool’s Gold and Drag Me Down. Niall performed these during his concert and they were just so good. You can find my blogpost about the concert (including a video) here.

What have you been listening to recently?



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