My March Playlist

April has begun, and so it is time to share my March playlist with you. If you’ve seen my February playlist, you’ll know it was quite empty. Well, I guess April was a better month because it is a lot bigger.

The big winner of the month is, for me personally, Shawn Mendes. He released two new songs that are going to be on his new album; In My Blood and Lost In Japan. I already devoted a whole blogpost to these two songs, that’s how much I like them. In My Blood is an emotional song about anxiety that hits me every time and Lost In Japan is just a nice funky song. I’ve been playing these two songs a lot and I’m now really excited or the album, which people call SM3 because it has no name (or release date) yet. Let’s hope we’ll get more info and more new songs soon!

A song that was also really high up on my playlist is I Want You Back by 5 Seconds of Summer. I’m not really a 5sos fan, but this song is just so catchy. I just really like it. I feel like it’s quite different from the music they’ve released before, which is great because their previous music is just not really my thing. Another fave is Done For Me by Charlie Puth. Again, a really catchy song. I absolutely love the bassline in this song, it’s super funky and I just can’t sit still when I listen to this. It’s a collab with Kehlani, whose voice is quite nice in the song.

One more song that I want to highlight is Call Out My Name by The Weeknd. I did not expect this at all, but out of the blue, The Weeknd dropped an entire EP called My Dear Melancholy. My favourite song on the EP is definitely Call Out My Name. It’s a typical The Weeknd song and I love it! I like the whole EP, but this one stands out for me.

Two other favourites that are not on this playlist are Medicine and Anna by Harry Styles. I’d love for them to be on the playlist, but they haven’t been released so I simply can’t. The two songs were written for Harry’s debut album but they didn’t end up on it. Which is a shame really, because these songs are just incredible. Harry performed Medicine and Anna at his concert, which I went to, and honestly, I wish he would just release the studio versions. I especially like Medicine. So even though they’re – sadly – not on my playlist, I had to mention them.

But that isn’t all, I’ve got 37 songs on my March playlist, with artists like Blossoms, Echosmith, Ray La Montagne and Snow Patrol. You can listen to the full playlist here:

What did you listen to in March?



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