New year, New blog

Hi guys, welcome back to Chapter 22. It’s been a while since I last blogged ánd it’s looking a little different than it used to. I felt like it was time to freshen thing up a little, so that’s exactly what I did. So here is the new & improved Chapter 22. I found a new theme, that I completely fell in love with. My old theme was fine, but in my opinion, it doesn’t compare to this. I’m very happy with this redesign. Not just because I think it looks really good, but also because redesigns usually spark a lot of inspiration in me. And that is exactly what I need right now!

I kept the key element from my previous theme, which is this lovely blush pink colour. Though it is a slightly darker tone that I picked this time around. But still, I am absolutely obsessed with these sort of pink shades. Millennial pink is what they call it. Go to Pinterest, type in Millennial pink and prepare to be drooling on your keyboard.

Anyways, besides that little hint of blush pink, I kept the layout quite clean by using black & white. The biggest change is probably the design of the homepage – which I love – and the use of this beautiful calligraphy font. This is something that I really wanted. I tried to incorporate a font like this in my old theme, but it just didn’t work. In this one, it works perfectly and it really creates the vibe that I wanted for this blog.

I’m really happy to be blogging again, especially with this new design. I have pre-written a couple of blogposts, so new content will be coming really really soon!

What do you think of the redesign?


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