Niall Horan’s concert in Amsterdam

Last Saturday I went to see Niall Horan live in Amsterdam. It was kind of a last minute thing. As expected concert tickets were sold out completely like 5 minutes after they went on sale so I actually had no tickets. I ended up buying tickets on Ticketswap – the only site I trust when it comes to reselling – a week before the concert. Obviously, I was super happy I was able to go after all.

It started out a bit stressful though. Because of physical issues I have, I can’t really stand for long and I faint quite easily. So I usually always get seats. Which is absolutely fine, and it also means that I can go to the venue quite late and don’t have to queue. Well, this concert was in AFAS Live which is a venue that does have seats, but you don’t get assigned seats. We ended up standing in a very, very long line an hour before the doors opened. And I know for some of you that doesn’t seem like a big deal. But I panicked a bit, I was afraid that I would faint then and there and that I wouldn’t be able to get seats. That in combination with massive anxiety is just not a nice thing. Luckily we got in just in time to snatch one of the last seats. I was able to relax after that and get excited for the concert. I also went and bought a wristband from the merch stand. I’m still wearing it…

Julia Michaels was performing before Niall as the pre-show. And honestly, she was amazing! I also haven’t been to any concert before where everybody was so excited for the pre-show. People even brought signs that said something like ‘Amsterdam loves you Julia’. It made her emotional and she even had to cry. You can see a little bit of it in the video all the way at the end of this blogpost.

Before I knew it, Niall came on. The show started and I got goosebumps. As I expected Niall was absolutely amazing. As was his band. I really feel like his album is even better live than on the album. They also did some great guitar solos in some songs, and I loved the violist as well. It just sounded great. Niall did all the songs from the album, but he also did some other songs. He performed Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen, which was a really beautiful cover! He also did two 1D songs, Fool’s Gold and Drag Me Down. I hadn’t heard Fool’s Gold before, but it’s such a beautiful song, and Drag Me Down is one of my favourite 1D songs. Another cover he did was from Camilla Cabello; Crying in the Club. Again, amazing!

The concert felt really special, also because it was being live-streamed on YouTube – which you can look back here. There was also a big fan project. Loads of people brought orange balloons and held them up during the last couple of songs. It looked great! I think Niall liked it as well.

I had such a good time, and I’m so so happy that I went to the concert. It was all worth it. Niall is such a nice guy, he’s a great performer and his voice is just breathtaking. And come on, that Iris accent is just really cute!

As I usually do, I filmed some bits and pieces. Which you can see down below. I’m probably going to rewatch this video over and over again <3.


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