Seeing Ed Sheeran live

It was finally time for the long-awaited Ed Sheeran concert last week! I looked forward to it so bloody long, and with a snap of the fingers, it was over…That’s the shitty part about concerts; you look forward to it for months and months and then it just flies by. Oh well, at least we still have the memories, ánd the images.

I was really hyper all day, I had Ed’s album on repeat – of course – to get into the mood and I couldn’t wait to get there. I arrived beautifully on time at the Ziggo Dome where a long long line of people were waiting, I panicked for a bit but then luckily found out that the line was not for people with seats, hallelujah!

Around 6 I was in and at 7 the pre-show started. First Ryan McMullan than Anne-Marie. The latter you’ll probably know from the song Rockabye baby. I didn’t like it at all. Ryan McMullan, on the other hand, was pretty good, I looked him up straight away on Spotify.

At 8.30 on the dot, Ed came up the stage. He started with Castle on the Hill and the crowd went crazy straight away. And that didn’t stop, my oh my how good he is. I think it’s incredible that he stands there on his own with just a microphone, a guitar, and a loop station. He literally does everything himself. It really is a one man show. There were some thing that went wrong, a not so smooth loop or a broken string, but it honestly didn’t matter. He just picked up again… the show must go on.

The songs came very rapidly after one another. Slow songs like Perfect, Thinking out Loud and oldie The A Team. But also up tempo songs like Sing, Don’t and Shape of You. He played a lot of songs from his new album, Divide, which is kind of obvious. It made me really happy that he played Nancy Mulligan, it is one of my favourites from Divide but I didn’t expect him to play it since it is a bonus song on the album.

The show was really good, Ed hit all the notes and the visuals were stunning. Especially during I see fire, so impressive. The only downside I can think of is the fact that he only played for 1,5 hours. I can’t really blame him, since he does everything on his own which must be super tiring, doing thousand and one things at the same time. But I think I speak for the whole crowd when I say he could have easily played an hour longer.

Ed Sheeran is a real boss! If he ever comes to Holland again, which I think might be happening since he specifically said ‘see you next year’ at the end of the concert, I will definitely try to get tickets again. For now, I will just have to keep listening to Divide on repeat…

*Update, I actually got tickets for his 2018 stadium tour, I am so bloody excited. Can’t wait to see him again!


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