Harry Styles on repeat?!

Friday is probably the most fun day of the week, and no that is not because the weekend starts on Friday. I have a different reason; namely the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify. It just makes me really happy that I can listen to a bunch of brand new songs each week. Most of the time though, 9 out of 10 songs are not my jam, but sometimes I find really good ones. A couple of weeks ago, the first song on the playlist was of Harry Styles… My first thought? Yikes. Yes, seriously! I’ve never been a fan of One Direction and I never understood the fascination for long-haired Harry. But now.. everything is different.

Now that One Direction is over – which I’m not sad about, sorry not sorry – the boys are each going their own way. Their solo careers peaked no interest in me until I heard Harry’s first single ‘Sign of the Times’. I remember that when I listened to it I wondered if it was really the same guy I briefly knew from the sugary sweet 1D songs. But it is true. This former 1D member had grown up (and now that he cut his hair, I find him quite attractive, but hey that is a totally different story). I would describe Sign of the Times as a powerful rock ballad. Something that’s pretty rare these days, and that is what I found so surprising. It even made me think of David Bowie. Who would have ever thought? What I also like is the fact that the song is 5:41 minutes long. Another thing that is pretty rare. It shows that Harry Styles doesn’t follow the crowd and does his own thing. When I listened to it, I was quite shocked, because I really expected it to be shite. Boy, was I wrong. I then listened to it again, and yet again. I kept loving it. I like this new Harry.

His selftitled album will be available on the twelfth of May, which is pretty fast and I have already perordered it. Yes, Sign of the Times convinced me in a way that I even ordered the album. I think I’m not going to regret it. Harry did a live performance on Saturday Night Live where he first performed his single. But he also did the song Ever since New York, one of the ten songs (besides Sign of the Times ofcourse) on his new album. And I really liked that song as well. It’s very different from the stuff he made with One Direction.

I say bye boyband, hello Harry Styles! Hope you will be making lots of great music in the years to come. I’m really excited to listen to his new album. I’m already a tiny bit sad that there are only ten songs on it. But oh well, he needs to start somewhere right? Based on the two songs I heard so far, I am convinced it will be a beautiful album. When it’s available I will certainly let you know what I think.

What do you think of Sign of the Times, the start of Harry Styles his solo carreer?


Ps. Sorry if I offend any die hard Directioners with this, but in my opinion the 1D break-up is the best thing that could have happened to Harry Styles.


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