Treat People With Kindness

I’ve written about Harry Styles before, so if you didn’t know yet… I absolutely love his music. Yesterday he started his tour in San Francisco (wearing one of his crazy suits that probably only he can pull off). I saw some clips here and there and it made me really excited for his concert in Holland, which takes place in March 2018… sooo long to go, but hey at least I’m going. Funny fact, he started his first solo tour on the day he auditioned for X Factor 7 years ago How cool is that!

His fashion sense or how excited I am for his concert is not actually what this blogpost is about. Yesterday Harry also released his merch at the San Francisco show and it is just incredible! You should know something about me, I’m not a merch person. I’ve never bought merch at a concert and the only thing I have is a Coldplay mug that I found at some store really cheap. I just don’t need all the expensive t-shirts, totes and whatever artist come up with. But! Harry Styles might be the exception in this. Because I would actually buy his.

His merch contains t-shirts, sweaters, totebags, notebooks, pins, buttons, hats and posters. The prices are crazy, which I don’t like… but I do really like the stuff itself. I NEED the soft pink sweater and I also love the black ‘Treat people with kindness’ tee.

So now the title makes sense right?! He uses the quote ‘Treat people with kindness’ on almost all the items, and I just love it! It’s a great quote and a great message to bring across. Because yes, we should be more kind to one another. Especially in these times. So I feel like this is not your standard merch, probably why I like it. I mean look at the black tee with the quote on it, I don’t even see Harry’s name or anything, it is just a really pretty t-shirt. And the sweater has his name on very subtle.

I also really like the pink colour he has used. Which makes sense, since it’s the same sort of colour he used for his album art and stuff. Obviously, I love this colour, I mean look at my blog, I’m all about soft pink! So the pink sweater is definitely very high on my wishlist. I already wanted a soft pink sweater or hoodie, but now it’s just gotta be this one. I really hope that this stuff will be available online as well. I don’t really want to wait till bloody March next year to get this stuff. Fingers crossed!

*Edit; his merch is now available online at (only with credit card though, which means I can’t get it, bummer!)

Anyway, moral of the story; I love Harry’s merch. I never thought I would ever write a post about merchandise, but then again I never thought I would write about Harry’s music either (or even like it). So yeah, Harry keeps on surprising me!

What do you think?

Ps. I heard that larger sizes of the clothes are slightly more expensive than smaller ones. I hope that’s not true, and if it is then that’s just not OK! *Edit; rumours seem to be false, online the prices for small sizes and larger sizes are the same. Luckily!


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