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It has been a couple of months since my trip to Tuscany, but there is so much I haven’t shared yet. Today I want to talk about a couple of the cities that I have visited there. One of them being Florence, but I’ve written a separate post about that one, which you can find here. The other cities are Pisa, Lucca & Siena. Each one of them being very different, but also really lovely in their own ways.


When planning a trip through Tuscany, Pisa is one of the places you just have to visit. People kept telling me to keep my expectations low and I have to say they were right. I liked Pisa, but there isn’t that much to see or to do there besides the obvious; the leaning tower.

The tower is stunning in real life and I found it quite funny walking past all the people trying to get their cliché ‘I’m pushing the tower over’ picture taken. I’m not gonna lie, I did take one myself… it just had to be done. But it was really fun to see EVERYBODY doing that. And even people arguing, since there is usually one person behind the camera giving directions and one actually in front of the camera. And yeah when it goes wrong, people get annoyed… super funny! I didn’t actually climb up the tower, which I did want to do, but it was just too busy.

So instead we went for lunch somewhere at a little restaurant in one of the surrounding streets. Got myself a heavenly pizza Margherita, which I completely forgot to take a picture off… but I can tell you that it was delicious. I know lots of people think pizza Margherita is plain and boring, but if it is done well, which it usually is in Italy, I think it is actually the tastiest pizza in the world. We ended the day there, well only after strolling a little bit more and me buying a cliché souvenir of the tower. But that’s all we did in Pisa.


Lucca is probably one of my favourite places in Tuscany. I loved it so much. It is a really packed town. As is in lots of houses close together. So it has lots of tiny beautiful alleys which is just the best thing ever. Although it is quite easy to get lost here. I was very happy that I now have internet all over Europe so I could use Google Maps, I don’t know if we would have found our way back if we didn’t…

There is this really cool tower in Lucca that has actual trees on the top. It looks quite strange, but also beautiful at the same time. After really doubting if I should do it, I climbed all the way to the top. Which wasn’t nice, 36 degrees and a million steps is not the greatest combination. Oh and let’s not forget my fear of heights. But it was all worth it in the end, what a magnificent view, and the trees there made it even more beautiful.

After climbing the tower, we strolled around, took some pictures and ate the bést gelato ever. I have eaten some really tasty gelato’s in my time, but this one was just HEAVEN. We wanted an ice cream and just went into the first shop we came across, well that was a good decision. It is called Gelateria Veneta and apparently, it has even won prizes. If you ever go to Lucca, make sure to eat a gelato at this place. You will not regret it, I promise! I got myself one with pineapple flavour, strawberry, stracciatella and extra dark chocolate. They give you small scoops, which is great because that means you can have more flavours. And they had a lot of really nice flavours.

Enough about the gelato. When finished we strolled around some more and came across this cute little store that sold metal little Italian scooters and cars. I really wanted to buy myself a scooter, that was one of the missions I had when I was still home. Up till then, I hadn’t been able to find one anywhere, but luckily this shop in Lucca had them. I’m so happy with it and it looks great beside the fiat that I already had. Best souvenir!


The last city we visited in Tuscany is Siena. And I think this one might be my favourite. It was so nice there. We went to a certain place first where you had a magnificent view over the city. Stunning really! And then we walked back down into the actual city. Of course, we went to the big square, Piazza del Campo, with Palazzo Pubblico on it. It is beautiful there. The building is so simple, but yet so stunning. and the square has lots of cafés on it so you can just sit there, have a refreshing drink and enjoy the view on the Palazzo. Piazza del Campo is one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe, or at least that is what they say, and I have to say that’s definitely true. It is also the square where the Palio delle Contrade is being held, this is a traditional horse race. It is a very big event there. The whole city has a bit of a medieval vibe, which I found really cool.

The other big touristy thing there is the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta, yeah that is quite the mouthful. By this point, I had seen the most wonderful buildings, including the Duomo in Florence, but this just beat all. I hadn’t really heard about this Duomo, and we just kind of stumbled upon it, but it was genuinely the most beautiful building I have ever seen. I just couldn’t stop looking at it and all its glory. As almost all the buildings in Tuscany, this one had lots of marble details, but what I loved most were the pink arches. I mean how bloody beautiful is this! I would go back to Siena, solely to see this building again, oh and then also go in, because that is something we didn’t do. That day we were on our way to our second hotel in Umbria, and therefore we didn’t have that much time. So I definitely want to visit Siena again.

Have you ever been to one of these places?


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